What to do with your leftover Halloween Candy

The National Confectioners Association says that Americans will buy more than 600 million pounds of chocolates during the month of October.  If you are a fan of Halloween and always end up with tons of leftover candies the day after, here are some ideas on what to do with the candies besides eating them all in one sitting.

Idea #1: Freeze it for usage at a later time

Frozen chocolate candy bars can be sprinkled over ice cream, blended into milkshakes, folded into Rice Krispy treats, and baked into cookies. Hard shell candies can be mixed in with granola or trail mix for a snack. Colorful hard or soft candies can be used for decorating gingerbread houses during Christmas.

Idea #2: Sell it to a participating dentist

Photo courtesy of Halloween Candy Buy Back

Check out the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program website to find a participating dentist near you who will accept unopened candies in exchange for toothbrushes, coupons, and sometimes cash.

Idea #3: Send it to our Troops

Photo courtesy of Soldiers’ Angels

Organizations such as Operation Gratitude, Soldiers’ Angels, and Operation Shoebox are all accepting leftover Halloween candy donations. In addition to care packages, these organizations that will take your unopened candies and send them to U.S. Troops stationed overseas and first responders stateside. The website linked above contains shipping info and some may have drop-off locations.

Idea #4: Donate it to a local non-profit

Photo courtesy of Ronald McDonald House

Many soup kitchen, homeless shelter food pantry, and retirement and nursing home will take unopened candies for residents and guests. Trying contacting a local non-profit to find out if they are taking donations.

What do you usually do with your leftover Halloween candies? Which of the ideas above would you most likely try this year? Have a happy and spooky Halloween!

Posted on October 23, 2018 at 7:49 am
Christine Navarro | Category: Holiday

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